rugsėjo 28 / 2017
Tallink inform
SERVICE MUUGA-VUOSAARI AS OF 1 OCTOBER 2017 The cargo ship Sea Wind starts its operations on the Vuosaari-Muuga route on Sunday, 1 October 2017. Muuga is situated 16 kilometers east of Tallinn. This means that a quarter of the cargo capacity of Tallink between Estonia and Finland will be transferred out of the center of the city of Tallinn. The services of the Sea Wind will be transferred from Tallinn to the terminal of Transiidikeskus AS in Muuga outside the free port. The vessel will retain its present schedule, i.e. departures will continue from Monday to Friday from Muuga at 7 AM and 6:30 PM and from Vuosaari at 1 PM and 11:30 PM. On Sundays, the departure from Muuga is at 6:30 PM and from Vuosaari at 11:30 PM. Units with drivers No stops are allowed when driving on the port territory. Drivers arriving in Muuga by ship must drive the vehicle out of the port gates within 15 minutes, otherwise they will be automatically redirected to customs control. The same is valid for arriving in the port territory, i.e. the driver must drive to the marked parking area on the quay within 15 minutes after check-in. At the check-in in Vuosaari, the drivers will receive a waybill that must be retained until leaving the territory of Muuga Harbor. Stopping and parking in the territory of Muuga Harbor is forbidden. Parking on the waiting area outside the port gates is allowed for up to 4 hours. Trailers When bringing trailers to Muuga Harbor, the driver must arrive at check-in between 5 AM and 7 PM. A company who has booked trailer spaces from Vuosaari to Muuga must send an e-mail to and declare the registration number and the information on the driver who will pick up the trailer. Trailers may be parked in Muuga Harbor free of charge for the first 48 hours.

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