rugpjūčio 23 / 2017
DFDS Seaways informuoja

Dear Customer, DFDS are pleased to confirm the availability of our Free of charge advance checkin facility with secure parking specifically for freight customers shipping from Dunkerque to Dover. Every week, on arrival between 18.00h CET Friday and 06.00h CET Monday drivers will have the option to check-in up to a maximum of 12hours in advance of their chosen departure time, so that they can take advantage of the secure parking area while having a rest period before sailing on their allocated departure. Once drivers have checked in to the advance parking area the following terms apply: - Advance check-in with secure parking must be requested at the time of check-in - Shipment will be allocated to a time specific departure at check-in and cannot be amended - Drivers/vehicles are not be permitted to exit the port once they have been allocated a secure parking lane - The secure parking area cannot be used for vehicle repairs/maintenance - The secure parking area is strictly an alcohol free zone - Only persons checked in for shipment will be permitted in the secure parking area (no visitors allowed) - Drivers will have full use of the port terminal facilities i.e. WC/Showers/refreshment area - DFDS do not accept liability for missed departures, it is the drivers responsibility to ensure they follow the correct process for loading as instructed at check-in - Advance check-in spaces are restricted and will be offered subject to availability and cannot be booked in advance Full terms and conditions apply, please see the web site If you would like further details of the Advance Check-in/secure parking facility please contact your Sales Manager or Freight customer services team. The Freight Reservations Department

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