sausio 15 / 2021
Lamanšo sąsiaurio naujienos! Atnaujinta 15.01.2021 (15:15)

Dear freight customer, 15th January 2021 15:15 GMT All passengers wanting to travel to France must have a Negative test result to travel, all freight vehicles over 7.5T please go directly to Manston for your rapid testing. Manston is just a testing station and currently no queues. Please see below for the current situation on the Eastern Channel: DFDS Dover<>Dunkerque services are operating to the revised sailing schedule. DFDS Dover<>Calais services are operating to the revised refit schedule. DOVER Current check-in times: Dover-Calais: 18:20 Dover-Dunkerque: 16:00 Freight traffic is free flowing CALAIS Current check-in time: Calais-Dover: 17:00 Freight is freight flowing DUNKERQUE Current check-in time: Dunkerque-Dover: 18:00 Freight is freight flowing Please be advised during our refit schedule we are unable to support Time Specific Bookings.

sausio 12 / 2021
Klientų dėmesiui!

Keltų bendrovė „DFDS A/S“ nuo 2021.01.01 dienos didina keltų kainas, maršrutais Calais/ Dunkerque- Dover v.v.

gruodžio 29 / 2020
Eurotunnel naujienos! Atnaujinta 29/12/2020 (10:55)

Dear Customer, 29/12/2020 – 10h55 CET The service is now running normally with no waiting time and with up to 5 departures per hour. UK -> France: Normal transit time No wait before Check-in (from junction 11A) More information on the M20 motorway traffic France -> UK: Normal transit time No wait before Check-in (from junction 42) More information on the A16 motorway traffic:,langen.html

gruodžio 18 / 2020
DFDS A/S naujas keltu maršrutas

Keltų bendrovė DFDS A/S nuo 2021.01.01 pristato naują keltų maršrutą Dunkerque - Rosselare v.v., kainininką ir tvarkaraštį rasite musų tinklapyje.


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