sausio 17 / 2019
Lamanšo sąsiaurio naujienos! Atnaujinta 17.01.2019(08:25)

Dear freight customer, Eastern Channel Service Update 17th January 2019 08:25 hrs Please see below for the current situation on the Eastern Channel: DFDS Dover-Dunkerque service is operating to the advertised refit schedule DFDS Dover<>Calais services are operating to the advertised schedule. DOVER Checking in for: 12:00 Departure to Dunkerque 10:35 Departure to Calais Port status: Freight traffic is busy with the buffer zone in use. DUNKERQUE Checking in for: 16:00 Departure to Dover Port status: Freight traffic is currently free flowing. CALAIS Checking in for: 11:05 Departure to Dover Port status: Freight traffic is busy with the buffer zone is in use with approx. 75 min wait times. Please be reminded that we are operating to our refit schedule with a reduced service operating between Dover<>Dunkerque. For schedule information please follow the link: 2019 Refit Schedule Also, please be aware that during the refit period we are unable to accept/honour time specific bookings, all vehicles will be allocated on the next available service on arrival at the port of departure. * Follow us on twitter @DFDSChnlFreight and via the DFDS FREIGHT FERRY APP for up to date service information.*

birželio 04 / 2018
New Trelleborg – Klaipeda route

TT-Line inform: New Trelleborg – Klaipeda Route / Connecting Baltic States.

balandžio 25 / 2018
DFDS informuoja

Naujas laivas Lamanšo sąsiaurio maršrutuose nuo 2021 m.

balandžio 09 / 2018
Serverio atnaujinimo darbai

Dėl serverio atnaujinimo darbų,2018 04 09 gali būti sutrikimai keltų rezervavimo sistemoje ir . Atsiprašome už nepatogumus. Pagarbiai Keltų rezervavimo padalinys


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