spalio 19 / 2021
Lamanšo sąsiaurio naujienos! Atnaujinta 19.10.2021 (12:55)

Dear freight customer, 19th October 2021 12:55 BST Please see below for the current situation on the Eastern Channel: DFDS Dover<>Dunkerque services are operating to the advertised sailing schedule. DFDS Dover<>Calais services are operating to the advertised sailing schedule. DOVER Freight traffic is busy with the buffer zone in use. Check-in times: Dover - Calais 13:45 Dover - Dunkerque 14:00 DUNKERQUE Freight traffic is currently free flowing. Check-in time: Dunkerque - Dover 16:00 CALAIS Freight traffic is busy with the buffer zone in use, and approx. 45 mins waiting times. Check-in time: Calais - Dover 15:40 Please be advised that TIME SPECIFIC bookings are currently available on all routes during peak periods we also have Priority /Fast lane available on request. Dover and Calais Priority Lane Dunkerque Fast Lane via the fast lane approach road. Priority Lane from check-in Please be advised that our Advanced Freight check in service is available in our Dunkerque port free of charge. In order to help us at this time we ask that wherever possible, communication with our team is done via email to, this will allow the department to support your requests and respond within a timely manner.

spalio 04 / 2021
Informacija klientams!

Stena Line maršrutuose: Liepaja-Travemünde ir Ventspils-Nynäshamn užsakymų vėlyvo atšaukimo politikos pakeitimai

rugsėjo 02 / 2021
Bauda už neatvykimą

Nuo 2021-09 maršrute Rosselare-Dunkerque-Rosselare, bus taikomos baudos už kelto neatšaukimą arba neatvykimą.

liepos 05 / 2021
DFDS A/S naujas keltu maršrutas

Keltų bendrovė DFDS A/S nuo 2021.07.12 pristato naują keltų maršrutą Calais - Sheerness v.v., kainininką ir tvarkaraštį rasite musų tinklapyje.


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